FM Transmitter (With optional outdoor enclosure)

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FM Transmitter (With option outdoor enclosure)

For outdoor locations, please select outdoor version with enclosure


1x FM Transmitter

1x Power Supply

1 x Antenna

1x User Manual



1. Power Output: 1-1.7Watt/5-6Watt

2. FM Transmitter Frequencies: 76-108Mhz

3. Tuning Step: 100Khz/0.1Mhz

4. Power Supply: 12V DC (The current load of power supply should over 2A)

5. Stability of Frequency: ±0ppm(-10℃~+50℃)

6. Frequency Response: 100 - 15000Hz

7. Signal to Noise Ratio: >70dB

8. Distortion: < 0.5%

9. Operation Time: True24/7

10. Antenna Design: Rubber Antenna(1Watt) / GP Antenna(1Watt/7Watt)

11. Antenna Connector: TNC type

12. Output Impedance: 50 ohm

13. Audio Input Connector:  3.5mm headphone connector

14. Mic Input Connector:  3.5mm headphone connector (Use condenser microphone)

15.Tuning Design:  Stable PLL Technology

16.Size of Transmitter :  L:129mm, W:96mm, H:55mm

17.Weight of Transmitter : 450g

18.Transmission Signal: FM Stereo