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Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to buy a sequence. What does it come with?

The sequences on our site will give you all the programming data you need to run a show similar to the videos you've seen. It does not come with any of the hardware to run a show. It may require modification of the effects on the consumer's side to reflect changes in props and layout. Although the sequences are made to save many hours in programming time, it does not come with one-on-one help or mapping services.

I am having trouble importing a sequence. What should I do?

We have videos on our site that are critical to importing our sequences for amateurs and professionals alike. Over 95% of our questions are answered in the details of the video. If you're still having trouble, you can buy one-on-one time during slower times of the year under tech services. Between September and December we recommend contacting us first before buying any time to confirm availability. 

I am lost on what to buy or need more help with design. Can you help?

We do offer tech or design help under tech services on our site - especially early in the season (January through August). Between September and December we recommend contacting us first before buying any time to confirm availability. 

I am interested in a light show. How much does something like this cost?

Although it is difficult to answer without details of the size and lights desired, smaller homes average around $25k in materials and $10k in labor (if needed). Our commercial locations average $40k in materials and around $20k in installation labor. Drive throughs and large installations can be much more.

Do you offer custom sequences? How much do they cost?

We offer custom sequences between January and June. In July we are focused on final designs and installations and don't have the bandwidth for any custom sequences. Our cheapest custom sequence start at $950 a song and go up from there based on complexities of the music as well as the location.

My annual plan renewed and I forgot to cancel. Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! We understand some customers don't intend to renew but forget to cancel. We never want any of our customers to be stuck with something they don't need want! We cannot, however, refund the fees incurred to us by Shopify or PayPal as they do not refund us the fee on returns. This equates to 3% of the purchase price.

Please read the frequently asked questions above before using the the form below If your question isn't answered above, we will get back to as soon as we can!

Our hours of operation are 9AM to 4PM PST Monday - Friday. We are closed on all holidays. Due to a few of our videos going viral, please allow at least 2 business days to receive a response. For a faster response, please also include your order number in the message body. You can contact us also at 888-742-7469. By calling this number, you are opting in to receive text messages from our system in case we can't get to your call.