Sequence Plans

Annual 12 Plan

Each month you will receive an xLights sequence on our website OF YOUR CHOICE (valued between $59 and $199)! That's right - you won't get stuck with just any sequence you don't want. You get one sequence of your choice when you sign up (you can use your free sequence any time this month) and get an additional sequence of your choice every month! There are currently about 20 sequences that have been created that are currently waiting to be uploaded using the all-new EZ importing format (song list at bottom of page).

Pricing limited to first group of customers (will not last!):

$39.99 billed monthly $49.99 regular price

$99.99 billed every three months ($33.33 per month) $119.99 regular price

$299.99 billed every twelve months ($24.92 per month) $399.99 regular price


Annual 6 Plan - NEW!

Every year and immediately at sign up you will receive 6 promo codes allowing you to download any 6 xLights sequences on our website OF YOUR CHOICE (valued between $49 and $199)! 

Pricing limited to first group of customers (will not last!):

$199.99 billed annually $249.99 regular price


Below is a video to show you how easy it is to import!


New sequences added will be using the all-new "EZ Import" layout. This layout is based using the most common residential elements programmed in a way that makes the effects look much more consistent! It is recommended to create the following groups in your home for increased success:

All (everything you have that's pixel)

All Home (everything on your home)

All Lawn Props (all decor on your lawn/yard)

Horizontal Lines (all horizontal lines and roofs)

Vertical Lines (all vertical lines)

Left Third (left 1/3 of all your home) Middle Third (middle 1/3 of all your home)

Right Third (right 1/3 of all your home)


Mega Tree and Topper

Matrix Singing Props (lyric tracks included for every song)


Small Trees

Candy Canes




Available Now:

"The Best of Disney Princesses" (Various)

"The Best of Disney Villains"

"The Best of Harry Potter"

"The Best of Michael Jackson" 

"The Best of Star Wars"

"Chop Suey" (System of a Down)

"Enter Sandman" (Metallica)

"Feliz Navidad" (Jose Feliciano)

"Ghostbusters" (Original)

"Happy" (Pharrell)

"Hark the Herald Angels Sing" (Lincoln Brewster)

"Metal Carol of the Bells" (Jonathan Young)

"Pirates of the Caribbean Medley"

"Light of Christmas" (Owl City and Toby Mac)

"Bangarang" (Skrillex)

"Sarajevo" (TSO)

Stranger Things Theme

"The Christmas Can-Can" (Straight No Chaser)

"Sleigh Ride" (101 String Orchestra)

"Sleigh Ride" (Pentatonix)

"This Is Halloween" (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

"Titanium" David Guetta/Sia

"Winter Wonderland" (Johnny Mathis)


Coming Soon:

"My Favorite Things" (Kelly Clarkson)

"Carol of the Bells (David Foster)"

"Wizards in Winter (TSO)"

"It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas" (Michael Buble)

"Fifth Symphony" (Beethoven)