Sasquatch™ Pro MegaTree™ 32 Strip Kit

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"Pre-orders are now being accepted and the estimated delivery date is late May 2024.

The MegaTree™ remains a timeless symbol for the winter season. Guests will be impressed by the 17' MegaTree™ featured at your Display. Mattos Designs presents the Sasquatch MegaTree™ System, a premium product collection for constructing a durable and weather-resistant MegaTree™. The inventive Sliding Topper enables effortless modification using a hand winch, solidifying the Sasquatch MegaTree™ as the ultimate reliable and user-friendly choice.

The Pro Sasquatch™ MegaTree™ 32 Strip Kit:

  • One 32 Hole Topper is 11” wide MegaTree™ Sliding Topper.
  • One Base ring for the 8' diameter MegaTree™ Hoop is made up of six pieces that can be easily bolted together.
  • One MegaTree™ Stand-Alone Base
  • One MegaTree™ Pulley Cap
  • One 1200 Lbs. 50' Hand Winch
  • One set of Stand-Alone Base Hoop Mount Set
  • Two Square eyelets 12mm for pixel strip 50pc 
  • Four MegaTree™ Topper Carabiner 10 Pack 
  • Four MegaTree™ Pixel Strip Bungee Ball 8 Pack
  • Four Modular MegaTree™ Poles specifically for use as legs. 
  • 17 feet of Modular MegaTree™ Poles to use in your setup.
  • Two Modular Pole™ Wall Mount
  • One MegaTree™ Star Mount
  • One set of Sasquatch™ Modular MegaTree™ Pole Feet Set
  • One set of AnchorEase™ Ground Anchors (Additional Ground Anchors may be required for guy wires.) 
  • One set of AnchorEase™ 30' Ratchet Straps (Additional 30' Ratchet Straps may be required for guy wires.) 

Lights and controller not included.