Membership Purchase Success

Hello! Congratulations on being a plan member! 

Make sure to use the same email you signed up with to create an account at to automatically be eligible to use the free sequence promo codes. Every week you will see new sequences being added in the new EZ Import format! Don't worry about using your promo codes right away - you can take your time and choose what you want when more are available. There are no expiration dates to the codes as long as you're a member. On the members only page, it will say $49.99 for any sequence. The promo will take off that amount, so don't worry - it will be free! You will receive a new code every month thereafter!

If you're an Annual 12 Member, use promo code "NEWMEMBERSEQUENCE" at checkout or use the link below to get your first free sequence at your leisure!

If you're an Annual 6 Member, here are all 6 of your codes!
Thanks again for your support! We are looking forward to helping you make this your best season ever!