Magicolour 230 Beam V2

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V2!!! These are NOT the cheap clones you'll find on other sites! This performs just as well as the previous version, but is more robust! Because of the increased reliability, we are proud to be able to offer it for less! The Magicolour High Grade 230w Beam is the official moving head used in Magical Light Shows productions. People often buy cheap copies via AliExpress or eBay and wonder why they can't replicate what Magicolour can do. Similar to photography, the lens is more critical than the body. Thanks to the ultra precise triple-lens combined with the ultra-powerful 230w MSD bulb, the HG230B is capable of making beams even outdoors with the smallest amount of particulate matter. Create stunning effects via ultra-fast pan/tilt motors, a 15 color wheel, 16 gobo selection, frost, prism, and zoom effects as well. Magical Light Shows is the official dealer for Magicolour in the US. Magical Light Shows recommends keeping 10-20% backups on hand for maintenance. 1-2 week delivery


Technical Specifications:

AC100-240V 50/60 Hz, 230W Osram lamp (8,000k, 3000 hour average lifespan), 0-3.8° Zoom, 16/20 DMX channels (both 3 pin and 5 pin I/O), 59,760 lux at 65 feet, 15 color wheel (1 open), 18 gobos (1 open), 540° Pan, 250° Tilit, Speed: PAN = 2.45 sec  TILT = 1.30 sec, PAN = 2.11°, PAN FINE = 0.008°, TILT= 0.98°, TILT FINE = 0.004°, 35lbs (16kg), CE Certified. Warranty: 1 year parts (SHIPPING INCLUDED IN THE US).