Magicolour™ Pixels (Pre-Order)

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Introducing the patent-pending Magicolour Pixel - better in every way! The Magicolour Pixel makes colors come alive with unmatched saturation and no hot spots — your show will pop like never before in person and on video! Our revolutionary design easily snaps into Coroplast, ABS, and metal housings. Weighing 50% less and mounting nearly flush to the back of your props, storage is a cinch. Magicolour Pixels are a hassle-free installation with no tools needed, so you can upgrade your displays quickly and effortlessly.

The Magicolour Pixel uses just one-third the power of the common pixel, making it the smart choice for residential AND commercial applications alike. Power your pixels safely with longer lengths with TRUE 18 gauge wire.

Why settle for anything less when you can reduce energy consumption, save time, and look better?

The more you buy, the more you save - get it as low as $15.00 per strand in bulk!

Deliveries currently approximately 8 weeks. Will update as demand increases.


*NOTE FOR DOUBLE-LAYERED CORO: The inherent design of this pixel will not show as well in double-layered coro (more than 10mm thick). Legacy props may will have this issue, but going forward the updated props will move the retaining hole to the front layer of Coro making the pixel more visible wherever double-layered coro occurs.



Pixel Count: 50 individually addressable pixels per strand

Connectors: xConnect

Operating Voltage: 12V

LED: 3535SMD 

Chip: SKC6809 (Similar to WS2811)

Wire: 18AWG - 4" spacing

Outdoor Rating: IP68

Current: 0.009A (.1W each pixel 100 pixels 10W)

Weight:  190g (.42 lbs for 50ct, .83lbs for 100ct)

Warranty: 2 Years from date of purchase for unmodified strands