MLS Pumpkin Singing

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Name: Pumpkin Singing

Magical Light Shows: To purchase Pumpkins separately, three types of Pumpkins, be sure to choose type and quantity.

To purchase Magical Light Show packages: Magical Light Shows Packages

**Includes Pixel Path™ on the back for easy node installation**

**Props larger than 48″x24″ box will be slit in back and folded for Shipping**

  • Designed for 12mm bullets
  • Pumpkin 1: 300 Single Tooth Singer
  • Pumpkin 2: 350 Plain Singer
  • Pumpkin 3: 350 Singer with Bow on Head
  • Available in Orange with green stem
  • Made from 10mm Coro
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication