2024 Magical Light Shows Academy Registration

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February 23-25

Three days of workshops from the most in-demand programmers and designers in the industry. Meet the Magical Light Shows team, learn about the products we use, and get hands-on experience setting up displays at the most magical location in the world!

The event will have two simultaneous classes (Beginning and Advanced). We will allow for park time every afternoon and evening (park tickets not included but a link to discounted tickets can be found below for attendees). Bring the whole family and learn while the family plays!

Ticket also covers meals catered by Disney ($225 value - specific meals TBD)!

Please make sure your name and address are accurate as we will use it to register you for the event. As of now, this event is limited to only the first 60 people who register. If we hit that number early enough, we may be able to get more seats, but is not guaranteed.

Get our group rate for only 265 USD per night (can book up to 3 nights prior and after at this rate)

Discounted Rooms and Tickets

Class Schedule:

Friday, Feb 23: 7:30am - 2:30pm
Saturday, Feb 24:
8:00am - 2:30pm
Sunday, Feb 25:
8:00am - 12:00pm

Disney's Coronado Resort
1000 W Buena Vista Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


Disney Academy 2024 


Two tracks

  • Beginner
  • Advanced



7:30 Registration

8:00 Session 1

9:15 Session 2

10:30 Session 3

12:00 Catered Lunch

1:30 Session 4



8:00 Session 1

9:15 Session 2

10:30 Session 3

12:00 Catered Lunch

1:30 Session 4


8:00 Session 1

9:15 Session 2

10:30 Session 3


Workshop Classes


  • Installation of Props
  • Components Workshop Pt 1 (Computer to Controller)
  • Components Workshop Pt 2  (Controller to Props/Basic Troubleshooting)
  • Creating a Sequence with ONLY 3 Effects! (Learn How Versatile the Most Commonly Used Effects Are in xLights)
  • Designing a Show (Layout) From Scratch
  • Importing Sequences
  • Basic Troubleshooting/Common Issues (repairing pixels, common problems)
  • Show Players 



  • 3D Layouts and Programming
  • Moving Heads 
  • Layering 
  • Submodels
  • Special Effects 
  • Commercial Displays / Large Scale Displays
  • Promoting Your Display
  • Singing Faces 
  • Large Shows and Expanding Your Display
  • Videoing Your Display
  • Mapping your Display to Be Pixel Perfect



  • Sequencing With Magic 
  • Q&A sessions

Friday Session 1

Friday Session 2

Friday Session 3

Friday Session 4

Saturday Session 1

Saturday Session 2

Saturday Session 3

Saturday Session 4

Sunday Session 1

Sunday Session 2

Sunday Session 3


Components Workshop 1

Components Workshops 2

Designing a Show (Layout)

Installation of Props

Creating a Sequence with only 3 effects (Basic Sequencer)

Singing Faces

Sequencing with Magic

Importing and Modifying Sequences

Show Players

Basic Troubleshooting



Sub Models


3D Layouts in XL 

Videoing Your display

Promoting your Display

Special Effects

Large Shows and Expanding Your Display

Mapping Your Display to Be Pixel Perfect

Moving Heads

Class Descriptions

Installation of Props (Catherine, Steve)

We will talk about some of the most common ways to install props and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Components Workshop Pt 1 (Catherine, Steve, Tom)

(Computer to Controller )Identifying and working with controllers, connecting computer to controller and using web-based interface

Components Workshop Pt 2   (Catherine, Steve, Tom)

(Controller to Props/Basic Troubleshooting) Getting props ready, cables (ethernet and extensions), wire maps, identifying pixel 1, pixel repairs

Creating a Sequence with ONLY 3 Effects! (Matt)

All about the “Sequencing Tab”: This class will set you up for a successful start on your journey to creating a magical sequence using ONLY 3 effects! Master View, buffers, understanding render order, groups, timing tracks and adding basic effects.

Designing a Show (Layout) from Scratch (Matt, Tom)

All about the “Layout Tab”: We will talk about native and custom models, groupings, importing and one of the most powerful tools in xLights, the “right click”. Also learn how to create the best looking layout for the props in your show.

Importing Sequences (Steve)

We will teach you the basics of importing an xLights sequence, folder setup, and how to make adjustments so your display can be magical. We will also cover how to modify effects to match your display, how to make groups and phantom props to make the sequence come alive!

Basic Troubleshooting/Common Issues (Steve, Tom)

Repairing pixels, common problems etc. Learn how to quickly identify if a problem is bad pixels, data issues, voltage drop or another issue entirely.  We will also repair some pixels on site and get them LIT!

Show Players (Steve, Tom)

We will go over how to use the two most popular show players: xSchedule and FPP. 

3D layouts and Programming (Steve)

This class will go over designing and working in 3D, how to get an STL file of your home, converting it to OBJ to use in xLights, building your layout, and common mistakes and pitfalls to lookout for in 3D.  

Moving Heads (Matt)

This class will go over the basics of DMX and how to set up moving heads, operate them outdoors, and how to program them using xLights software.

Layering (Matt)

In this class we will look at what all these render options do, and how to utilize them to make unique, eye-catching effects.

Submodels (Matt)

Submodels can change the way your display looks and make sequencing/importing easier. This class will cover creating/editing Submodels, how Submodels can be used to make your imports look more like the original sequence, and how to make your display more impactful. (Basic knowledge of Layout tab in xLights recommended)

Special Effects (Matt, Tom)

Cold Sparks, Smoke Machines, and Fire… Oh my! In this class we will go over the good, the bad, and the amazing special effects you can add. We will also cover DMX, the standard protocol that most of these FX run.

Promoting your display (Tom)

This class will cover advertising, important considerations, and tips and tricks on how to get people to your location.

Singing Faces (Dent, Steve)

This class will take you from the absolute basics of making your prop sing to the finer points of making your prop lifelike. We'll cover the creation of lyric tracks, the use of AutoLyrics, the basics of face animation, common pitfalls, overriding face definitions, forcing eyes to make more lifelike performances and more!

Large Shows and Expanding your Display (Matt, Tom)

There are unique challenges to logistics of a large display. This class will cover Traffic Management, music licensing, power, networking and more.

Videoing Your Display (Matt, Tom)

This class will cover  what settings to use to fit your environment. Will be covering, aperture, ISO, lenses, camera bodies, focussing, and post-production effects.

Mapping your display to be pixel perfect (Matt)

Learn the tips and workflow to make your layout match exactly how your display is installed.

Sequencing With Magic (Tom)

In this class we show you how Magical Light Shows creates a sequence that allows the audience to “see what they hear”.  We will explain what to listen for in the music and how to portray it in xLights.  

Q&A Sessions (All)